The minimalist timer for yoga, meditations as well as interval training and hiit workouts for a mindful lifestyle

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Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality stylish design

LotusTimer, the minimalist timer for mindfulness

LotusTimer is a beautifully crafted timer app with a minimalism inspired design, intuitive gesture based navigation and wonderful relaxing sounds.  The design is clutter free and fully functional using taps, double taps and touches.

Use LotusTimer, the minimalist timer to keep up with your zen practice, meditation, yoga or any other training in a distraction free way using its pure, simple yet functional design. Gain mindfulness by setting daily reminders and mindful affirmations quickly and easily.  LotusTimer comes with peaceful, soothing sounds that you can set for at the end of your warmup period, meditation or cooldown after a workout.

Furthermore, LotusTimer, the minimalist timer, gives you complete control over your meditation or exercise and even a repeat feature to repeat your meditation or HIIT or interval training workout any number of times.

Main Features of LotusTimer, the minimalist timer:

– Setup your meditation or yoga practice duration  in hours, minutes and seconds with or without a relaxing sound at the end.
– LotusTimer, the minimalist timer features an intuitive gesture based app navigation with minimal distraction.
– Now with repeat option, to repeat a sequence as many times you want.  This enables HIIT, interval training or tabata workouts.
– Warm-up time can easily be set with custom duration and sound before any meditation or workout.  This can also serve as transition if used with the Repeat option.
– Cool-off time can be configured with custom length and sound to relax for a bit after your intense set.
– Option to set up an interval reminder, while running your practice.
– Enjoy the growing library of relaxing, enriching sounds that work while you listen to your own music.
– Setup your personal affirmation and get a daily reminder as an alert for complete mindfulness.
– Your meditation reminder can easily be set to keep track of in the today widget for LotusTimer.
– Now compatible with iOS14 and the latest iPhones, let LotusTimer, the minimalist timer enable you and your zen, yoga or interval training, tabata or HIIT workout.

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Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality cooloff, warmups, interval training, repeats
Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality
Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality cooloff, warmups, interval training, widget
Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality
Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality stylish design
Lotustimer minimalism meets functionality

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Minimalist design meets functionality for the peaceful experience of LotusTimer for meditation, yoga and your workouts (even HIIT and other interval based training).

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